A warm welcome to Southview Hotel GIft Shop.
From this site you can purchase a variety of artifacts from both local and
international artists. Whether you are looking for an original, a print or a
carving, it deh yah!
Caribbean Kitchen
Oil on Canvas (24' by 36' )
La Salsa
oil on canvas (30" by 40" )
Provision Basket
acrylic on convass (26' by 22')
Doctor Bird
Oil on Canvas (20' by 24' )
Old Homestead
oil on canvas (30x40 inches)
Print size
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more information, cost of postage or special
Tropical Stopover
acrylic on canvas9 30" by 40"0
Surprise Landing
acrlylic on canvas (30" by 30")
Cayman Baby
acrylic on canvas (16" by 20")
El Ballerinas
Oil on canvas (40" by 30")
The Mermaid
acryllc on canvas (24" by 30")
Lion Fish
acrylic on canvas (30" by 24")
Festival Queen
acrylic on canvas (30" by 24"
After The Kill
Acrylic on canvas (30" by 24")
Bob Marley
acrylic on canvas (30" by 24")
Blue Iguana
acrylic on canvas (30" by 24")